2020 Midland High VB Summer Workout Calendar

(Calendars have been updated several times and posted to SportsYou; contact Coach Lopez if you need the calendar.  amanda.lopez@midlandisd.net)

The June workout calendar is now ready!  Please understand that all of this MAY CHANGE.  Depending on the restrictions that UIL places or removes, things may change.  I do expect there to be some changes.

I can tell you that if there are changes, the workouts will still fall between 8am-12noon.

Workouts will begin on Monday, June 8th and will be held at San Jacinto Junior High. (The MHS gym floor is being redone.)

  • High School girls will workout Mon-Thurs each week.
  • 9th graders will workout Mon-Thurs the first week.  After that, and beginning on week 2, the 9th graders will be split into either a Mon/Wed group or a Tues/Thurs group.

Please read the information on the handout and understand that we will be under strict guidelines.  We cannot hug each other or walk in close groups. I am asking athletes to bring their belongings (keys, water, phones, etc.) in a small bag or backpack. Everything must stay together. We will not be able to provide water stations, so athletes may want to bring a few bottles in their bag/backpack.

Athletes, I believe part of the check in process will be online, so don’t forget your cell phone. We will go over this more on the first day of camp. (Next week, I will also be sending out a link to a Zoom meeting with our Athletic Coordinator, Coach Anuszkiewicz, as part of a “parent meeting” guideline.)

If you have any questions, please email me, amanda.lopez@midlandisd.net

I have built in some time for an athlete group meeting on the first day of camp and will go over many guidelines and rules.

We are so excited to see and work with our athletes again!!!!